AnuanA craft | Small designers, Big hearts

Few facts about us:

✔ We started as handmade jewelry studio

We started as handmade jewelry studio in 2010, and were OFFLINE for 4 years. 
We create our jewelry with natural healing stones.
We love making jewelry because it force you to think outside the box all the time, you're always need to stay up to date.
When we create our collections, we think on all person aspects of life.
Jewelry and energy that fit our casual look, working place, date, party, dinner with friends, special event, new dress and so on.
We focus on gemstone fashion jewelry at affordable price, it is not always a simple mission when you're working with natural stones and committing to quality, but we proved to ourself that it can be done.

✔ 2014 was a lifechanging year for us, we decided to go online

Full Disclosure, our business had financial troubles, small business has a lot of expenses and no matter how well you think you are doing, you're not.
We started having customers at our homes for orders, basically we moved the studio to home.

We really love what we're doing so naturally we wanted to keep on doing it.
After long thinking we desiced to give a try to the Scary Unknown online market.
With ALOT! of help from friend and surprisingly from customers we become a real successful online business. 

✔ 2016 had a snow Ball effect

When you go online, there's alot to know, learn, it's another dimension.
You need to be stubborn, creative, having perseverance to succeed and move forward all the time.
We started to recieve messages from small designers and manufacturers, asking for our help to go online, we were up to the task but had very few successes because for some it was just to much to handle.
We were dedicated to help those small business because we were them a couple of years back.
After consulting, we decided that we have room in our little online house.
We can give a room of each designer/manufacturer and create something new together.

This is our AnuanA handmade jewelry studio become AnuanA craft.

 We are eco friendly and vegan

We're using processes that respect the environment and our animal friends.
Sorry, no animal products.

✔ We want everything to be perfect

Our customers are everything to us.
All our business decisions and operations are around that state of mind.
We try to think on all the little details, what materials to work with, how to pack for long distance, what is the extra 'something' we need to earn your smile.

 We love what we do, hope you too

AnuanA Craft --- Energy, Light and Love in design, only for you!

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